philosophy philosophy

The French philosopher Henri Lefebvre argued that space is socially constructed. At No. 42 Architects, we believe that a building is a social process rather than an immutable product. We focus on understanding the relationships that exist between individuals and how spaces can support those relationships. Our design process does not start with a schedule of rooms but explores and questions the social interactions that occur within your lived experiences. We aim to understand your practices, your connections, your actions, your world. We endeavour to manifest these lived experiences into built form.

We believe in the personalisation of spaces to form buildings of meaning that encourage user appropriation, ownership, and place-making. The educationalist John Dewey wrote that “an experience is always what it is because of a transaction taking place between an individual and what constitutes his environment”. In this two-way interaction the user and building act upon each other in mutual spatial manipulation. However, space also has agency and through our designs we strive to minimise any power imbalances that space may influence by seeking equity and social responsibility.

The working philosophy of No. 42 Architects is professional, personal, and responsive while maintaining a relaxed, flexible, and mobile working environment.