education philosophy

Ken Woodman and Ben Cleveland have designed and delivered professional development workshops to both teachers and architects on the relationship between space and learning. Focussing on developing new learning cultures in new learning environments they draw on their own and other research. They provide practical tools to reconsider the use and design of existing learning spaces through hands on exercises and physical manipulation of spaces.

Ken and Ben were involved in creating the innovative ‘Stuff It’ workshop which brought together architects and educators to explore the settings required to support certain learning experiences. This workshop was then developed into a Learning Furniture Guide for school to undertake their own workshop. We frequently use this workshop during our professional development sessions and with school clients during the development of the pedagogical setting establishment stage.

Ken and Ben have presented at several international and national conferences, symposiums and workshops. They have written and delivered a new subject to Masters students at the University of Melbourne titled Innovative Spaces and Pedagogy. They have a unique perspective from both the educational and architectural view point in relation to school design. They discuss the influence of learning spaces, constructivist learning, control, culture, organisation, flexibility, and engagement.